How to Register my Store on cKiBob.fr?

Your store is not registered on ckibob.fr yet?

You own a tobacco shop, a grocery, a bakery, a gaz station ou a fast-food / kebab shop and you would like to take avantage of the ckibob.fr visibility to attract even more customer ?

Nothing could be simpler ! ㋛

Fill the form by cliking via on the following link. Tell us as more as you can aboute your store. To consider your application we need to know:

  • your store's commercial name
  • its address
  • its phone number
  • its opening by weekday hours
  • and any other information you consider useful (eg services offered ...)

Although we prefer shops open on Sundays, holidays or in the evening after 21h, we study each request with the greatest care and interest.

Once your application validated by our services, we will get back to you itemize our offer and all its possibilities. We will create a area dedicated to your store and then will send you the access codes to this reserved area.

In this area you will be able to display all information that you consider useful about your business. In complete freedom! (*)

So don't wait any longer and contact us right now :

Register my store on ckibob.fr, click here


(*) according to our terms of service terms of service

Be involved in community!

You know a gas station or a grocery store open on Sunday or on public holidays?
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cKibob.fr is expanding day by day!

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Your gas station, grocery store is not registered on ckibob.fr yet?
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